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Liverpool Cathedral, DVD


Ian Tracey in Liverpool Cathedral

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Ian Tracey in Liverpool Cathedral, DVD+CD

G.F. Händel

– Ouverture to the Occasional Oratorio

J.S. Bach

– Chaconne d minor, BWV 1004

R. Schumann

– 4 Sketches op. 58

G. Verdi

– Grand March

H. Walford-Davies

– Solemn Melody

H. Mulet

– From Esquisses Byzantines: Noël and Toccata

P.I. Tchaikowsky

– From Nutcracker Suite: Danse Fee Draguee,  Danse Arabe, Danse Mirlitons

L.J.A. Lefebure-Wely

– Bolero de Concert

E.W. Nevin

– Will o the wisp

F. Peeters

– From op. 66: Lied to the Flowers, Lied to the Sun

Ch. Dawes

– Melody

G. Edmundson

– Toccata: Von Himmel hoch