» » » Dupré, Vol. 12

Dupré, Vol. 12


Ben van Oosten in de St Sulpice in Parijs


Chorale et fugue op. 57
Quatre fugues modales op. 63
Scherzo op. 16
Trois elevations op. 32
Vitrail op. 65
Regina Coeli op. 64
Chorales op. 28
  • O innocent Lamb of God
  • Christ Jesus who maketh us glad
  • Jesus on the Cross
  • We thank Thee Lord Jesus
  • O man mourn for thy many sins
  • Christ is risen from the dead
  • The glorious day is come
  • Christ lay in the bonds of death
  • On this day the Son of God triumpheth
  • Jesus Christ our Saviour
  • Holy Jesus is risen from the dead
Souvenir op. 65 bis
Ben van Oosten at the St Sulpice Parijs